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At Sensational Smiles in Fairfax, we offer implant restoration services that can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Our team of experts has years of experience in restoring dental implants and ensuring that our patients get the best possible care.

What is Implant Restoration?

Implant restoration involves the placement of artificial teeth to replace missing ones. Dental implants, acting as a foundation for the restoration, offer a long-term solution for missing teeth. Through osseointegration, where the implant fuses with the jawbone, implant restoration helps restore natural chewing and speaking abilities. 

The team at Sensational Smiles can assess your specific needs, whether you have a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. 

How Implant Restoration works

Dental implant restoration involves the use of titanium posts to replace missing teeth. These implants are placed into the jawbone, creating a strong and stable foundation for the restoration. After osseointegration, an abutment is attached to the implant to connect the restoration. Finally, a dental crown is placed on top of the abutment, resembling a natural tooth. This permanent solution offers a reliable way to replace missing teeth.

Why Choose Sensational Smiles in Fairfax for Implant Restoration?

Our dedicated team prioritizes patient comfort and satisfaction, utilizing advanced techniques and technology. With extensive training in the field of implant dentistry and years of experience, we have successfully restored numerous smiles through dental implants and are recognized for providing high-quality and lasting results. 

Our Approach to Dental Implants at Sensational Smiles

At Sensational Smiles, we prioritize a thorough initial consultation and assessment to determine the suitability of implant restoration. Our approach is personalized, as we customize the treatment plan based on your specific needs and preferences. The implant placement process is precise and minimally invasive, ensuring your comfort. 

We also provide comprehensive post-procedure care and maintenance instructions for successful implant restoration.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

During the initial consultation at Sensational Smiles, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health. We’ll examine your jawbone, gums, and surrounding teeth to determine the feasibility of implant restoration. X-rays and scans may be taken to assess the condition of your jawbone and plan the implant placement. We address any concerns you may have and develop a personalized treatment plan based on your unique needs and preferences. Your medical history and dental records are carefully reviewed during this consultation.

The Implant Placement Process

At Sensational Smiles, the implant placement process involves a surgical procedure performed by our skilled oral surgeons. They make a small incision in the gum line to access the jawbone, where titanium posts are carefully inserted as artificial tooth roots. Anesthesia is administered to ensure patient comfort during this process. After the placement, a healing period of several months allows for osseointegration, ensuring a successful implant restoration.

Post-Procedure Care and Maintenance

At Sensational Smiles, we understand the importance of post-procedure care and maintenance for successful implant restoration. We provide detailed instructions to our patients to ensure optimal results. Good oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing and flossing, are essential for maintaining the longevity of your implant. 

Our team will also schedule follow-up appointments to monitor healing and check the stability of the implant. Additionally, we offer guidance on dietary restrictions and habits that may affect the restoration. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are vital for long-term implant maintenance and overall oral health.

What Makes Implant Restoration a Preferred Option?

Implant restoration is a preferred option for replacing missing teeth. It offers a permanent solution with strong and stable dental implants. Restorations look and function like natural teeth, improving oral health. Unlike dentures, they don’t require adhesive or removal for cleaning. With proper care, implant restorations can last a lifetime.

Advantages of Opting for Implant Restoration

Opting for implant restoration offers a variety of advantages. First, it provides a permanent solution for missing teeth, ensuring a long-lasting and durable dental prosthesis. Additionally, dental implants closely resemble natural teeth in both appearance and function, allowing for improved speech and chewing ability. 

Furthermore, implant restoration helps maintain the health and structure of the jawbone, preventing bone loss. Unlike traditional dentures, there’s no need to worry about slipping or falling out. With implant restoration, you can enjoy the benefits of a confident smile and good oral health.

What to Expect Post Implant Restoration?

After implant restoration, you may experience some discomfort and swelling. It can take several months for the implant to fully integrate with the jawbone. Regular follow-up appointments are important for monitoring healing. Good oral hygiene is crucial for the success of the implant. We may recommend a temporary crown during the healing process.

Why is Aftercare Important Following Implant Restoration?

Proper aftercare is crucial for the success and longevity of implant restoration. Following instructions for oral hygiene helps prevent infection, while regular check-ups and cleanings maintain overall oral health. Aftercare also helps identify any early issues or complications, preserving the surrounding natural teeth.

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Susanna C.

Hands down the best dentist/dental experience of my life, I cannot recommend the practice enough! I have had a long phobia of dentists after several terrible experiences over the years and since switching here several years ago, I don’t ever want to go to somewhere else!

Erin M.

I have been going here for just over a year and I have been so impressed. They are friendly and really do a great job. Recently had a tooth issue come up that was urgent. They were great to get me in. They are not just professionals and good at what they do, but also just nice, good people.

Amir M.

I have been seeing Dr. Gallian for more than five years and have been very happy with the quality of care and the professionalism of the entire team. I recommend Sensational Smiles to anyone who needs any type of dental care.

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