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Here at Sensational Smiles, Dr. Mary-Stuart Gallian and her team provide comprehensive dental care. You may hear the term thrown around a lot, but what exactly does it mean to provide comprehensive care? The mouth consists of more than just teeth and gum tissue; it includes the muscles used to chew and speak, the tongue, the TMJ joint, and much more. Your oral health also significantly affects your whole body health, and vice versa. To provide comprehensive care means to evaluate the mouth and body as a whole, rather than just looking at the teeth. 

When you have an exam with Dr. Mary-Stuart Gallian, she will evaluate your occlusion or the way that your teeth come together. Your occlusion can affect the longevity of your teeth, dental restorations, and muscles. She will also examine the soft tissues and muscles of the mouth and throat to check for any abnormalities and perform a thorough oral cancer screening. 

After your thorough exam, Dr. Gallian will come up with a treatment plan that focuses on your whole mouth rather than just a single tooth. For example, if a tooth needs to be extracted, your treatment plan will include a solution to replace that tooth so that other teeth are not compromised. Treating “just one tooth” will often cause more problems for you in the future. 

At Sensational Smiles, an important part of your comprehensive care is that we provide personalized care. We look at how your mouth is influenced by your whole body. Factors such as stress, health conditions, medications, work/home life, nutrition, and habits are all taken into consideration. 

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